Autumn and Winter Activities

Autumn is the time of year for “festivals”: each municipality is known for its “own” Feast that celebrates the products of the land and the traditional dishes. For nature lovers, then, observing the foliage phenomenon will leave you speechless. The woods of the Sila – starting from the first days of October –  explode with extraordinary and fairy-tale colors.

During the Winter the  first snowfall may arrive before Christmas, but it is in February that the Sila becomes completely covered in white and a breathtaking spectacle appears before the eyes of its visitors. The area contains many efficient ski lifts built with modern infrastructures.


There are numerous tracks approved for practicing all the different types of skiing. The take-off and arrival stations are equipped with a bar, snack bar, restaurant, first aid station, ski rentals and sales points in order to offer the best comforts to the tourists for an unforgettable holiday.


The track is about a kilometer long and winds harmoniously through the Sila woods. To reach the take-off station, you can use a very comfortable treadmill. It is an incredible green experience thanks to the ecological plant present.


Snowshoes allow you to move about freely through all of the landscapes and to reclaim wild environments and pristine valleys in order to enter into full harmony with nature. With snowshoes on your feet you can take wonderful excursions to discover the traces left by the animals of the territory.


There are about 600 kilometers of trails available for trekking lovers, but also for taking a simple walk through nature and while enjoying the various scents of autumn. You can decide to go it alone (the paths are clearly marked and their duration, KM and degree of difficulty are indicated) or you can use an authorized guide (the Register of Guides is located on the Sila National Park's website).


Take a journey through time aboard the historical Sila steam train. From the ancient carriages you can admire the majestic mountain landscape which is fiery with yellow and orange hues in the Autumn, and completely white-washed in the Winter. The train reachesthe village of Silvana Mansio which is the highest railway station in Europe.

I giganti della Sila - FAI

Take a visit to the Fallistro Nature Reserve, which was deemed an asset by the FAI (Italian Environmental Fund)- Since 2016 it has been called ``I Giganti della Sila``. It consists of a strip of pine forest where the trees have survived intact since the 1600's. The can reach up to 45 meters in height and have a diameter of up to two meters. They are a true majestic spectacle of nature! Access is allowed only on foot.

San Giovanni in Fiore

Take a visit to the historical center of San Giovanni in Fiore and to the Florense Abbey founded by the Abbot Gioacchino da Fiore around 1200 which links its history to that of the entire country. Do not miss the demological museum that documents the history, economy and traditions of the people from the Sila.