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Hotel Park 108

Since 1971, Hotel Park 108 has offered its charm, quality of services, its pleasant location, and warm and friendly hospitality towards its guests making it the ideal vacation spot. It is located in the heart of the Sila National Park on the shores of Lake Arvo.

It is close to a luxuriant evergreen pine forest. The hotel is without architectural barriers and is located in a prime spot: not too far from the ski lifts and from the best attractions that this place has to offer. At the same time it is immersed in the midst of splendid scenery of uncontaminated nature which is ideal for a holiday of wellness, relaxation and fun. It is surrounded by an enchanting tree-lined garden that overlooks Lake Arvo making it the perfect location to hold exclusive events. Hotel Park 108 offers every comfort and ample parking. The structure was recently renovated without architectural barriers. The hotel is both sober and elegant thanks to the harmonious union of the warm wooden furnishings and the refined details. There are 35 bright, comfortable rooms available which are equipped with every comfort offering a total of 95 beds with delightful views of nature, the lake and the woods. There are romantic rooms to choose from or large family rooms making Hotel Park 108 perfect for every need. The Sila is also known for its sports tourism, therefore the structure is also a popular destination for athletic summer retreats: from football teams who superstitiously choose to return every year to the Hotel, to national canoe teams like the Cuban one who chose the hotel in 2001 as the location to train for the Sydney Olympics where they won a silver medal.

Hotel Park 108

Our rooms


Lake view room

The room provides a breathtaking view over Lake Arvo which is surrounded by the mountains of Lorica. It is truly a unique sight to see that offers a splendid panorama during every season.

Mountain view room

The room is immersed in the green heart of the Sila and is equipped with every comfort. It provides a view of the evergreen mountain where the majestic larch pine occupies the front row.

Family Room

This room contains every comfort and is very large, comfortable and well-structured. It is ideal for the whole family.