On Arvo Lake shores, in Sila Grande there is abeautiful natural scenery, Hotel Park 108 garden is an excellent location to celebrate your wonderful day.
Hotel Park 108 offers the exclusive opportunity to celebrate your wedding on the lake: evocative and original, ceremony on the lake becomes an unforgettable moment.

Il lago

Lake Arvo quite waters and the vegetation around are an exclusive setting to celebrate your important events in the garden at Hotel Park 108.
It it the second big lake in Calabria, it is a a pristine natural habitat, it is ideal to enjoy a solemn ceremony.


Hotel Park 108 provides a professional Wedding Planner, Erika Sabato, who takes care of the couple from the beginning to the wedding day.
It is important to meet Erika to explain your needs and to support you to plan your dream event with attention to realize a perfect day: organization, menu, entertainment and ceremony by the lake.